Wood Shingles

Shingles and shakes can give a house a rustic look and alternatively a current stylized look. Shingles and shakes are commonly made of wood, typically cedar, either redwood or cypress. Although both shingles and shakes look similar, they differ in that shingles have smooth edges on both sides of the shingles which are sawn smoothly. Shakes have at least one rough textured side that is a result of splitting the material from the mother log.

Shingles and shakes give a textured finish look in its natural form and a more stylish look when painted a colour. It is recommended to apply weather proofing material every 5-6 years. Two issues with using this material are that they can catch on fire, they are available in several grades with the higher grade being expensive and it is time consuming to install. Additionally, non rusting nails should be used to fasten the shingles or shakes to the walls.

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