Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a very common type of siding used in house construction today. Vinyl siding is popular because it is relatively inexpensive as a material and to install, is low maintenance and comes in a variety of colours, styles and textures. Vinyl siding is durable and holds up well in multiple weather conditions. The colour resists fading over time, the colour is molded throughout the material, unlike aluminum where the colour is baked on the outside finish. Vinyl withstands reasonable wear and tear including scratches unlike aluminum which when scratched will reveal a different colour in the underlying layer. As well, vinyl will not dent and it will bounce back into place when it is knocked, unlike aluminum which will dent under the same punishment.

Vinyl siding is usually 0.044 inch thick and is extremely strong and durable, however vinyl can ripple and buckle if not installed properly. As well, doors, windows and corners must be caulked to seal from the weather. Aluminum nails should be used to fasten the siding materials to exterior walls, ensuring that rust will not occur.

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