Brick & Stone

Brick walls come in numerous colors and textures that create a very attractive exterior finish for the house. Many shade and colors can be used on the same surface, most bricks are manufactured with holes in their centers in order to create extra strength by filling these hole with mortar. Using bricks to cover an exterior wall will not provide it with extra support. It is recommended that the contractor will finish the job by cleaning the bricks with the brick manufacturers cleaning solvent.

Using stone makes an attractive, durable and virtually maintenance free exterior wall. Stone work is usually more costly than brick; the most common stone shape used is one with rectangular corners.

Masonry coverings such as brick and stone create beautiful and unique exterior wall coverings. They are more expensive than most other exterior wall coverings, mainly because of high installation cost. For installation purposes a space must be kept between the masonry and interior wall surfaces, this space should contain insulation and a vapor barrier.

Masonry exterior wall coverings are naturally highly resistant to fire, and are great sound insulators. These walls will help retain the house value due to high durability (i.e. - won't develop as many cracks as stucco). Some drawbacks to using brick and stone are high cost and offer poor air insulation. Extra support is required to hold the masonry exterior covering securely in place above openings such as doors and windows.

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