Bathroom Remodelling

Sick of your old bathroom? Want one you will enjoy relaxing and spending time in?

The bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in the house, it is also somewhat of a private sanctuary where you want to be able to relax and pamper yourself.

Most home buyers will be willing to pay more for a house with a bigger, more luxurious bathroom, which makes your bathroom remodeling project a smart investment.

Our Service

We offer a complete one stop construction service for your bathroom remodeling or bathroom addition, from planning and design to a finished product.
Your project will be completed on time, budget and to your full satisfaction.

Some of the popular bathroom remodeling services we offer:

  • Complete bathroom remodeling
  • Bathroom additions
  • Upgrading parts of your bathroom
  • Re-tile bathroom walls and floors
  • Bathroom ventilation installation
  • And more
  • Plan Your Bathroom

    Proper planning and a reasonable budget can make a brand new bathroom a reality. You can melt away the tensions of the day in your luxurious spa tub, or a great morning shower in a stylish bathroom which invigorates both body and mind.

    There are a number of reasons to remodel a bathroom and in many respects will pay for itself in providing you pleasure and comfort as well as increase the resale value of your home if you are planning to put your house on the market in the near future.

    Bathroom remodeling is rewarding but comes with some concerns, remodeling a bathroom is one of most expensive projects by square foot that you can undertake in your home. The main reason, is the high cost of labour and materials such as fixtures and floor and wall tile. A bathroom is where you can express your creativity and as it is a private space, you can make the space whatever you desire, from functional to expensive, with a wide range of colours, textures and materials. There is an endless variety of sinks, toilets, tubs, tiles and more.

    The bath tub is the showcase of any bathroom with many choices. Choices can range from old-fashioned type claw tubs or high-tech spa tubs with jets of water to soothe you, and much more.

    For those home owners who enjoy remodelling, there are numerous choices and for those who want a turnkey package you can have that too.

    You can apply your imagination to all aspects of your bathroom including the walls which can range from ceramic tile to marble or granite. Imagine your bathroom walls in a stone finish like granite or painted in a beautiful shade or outstanding design.

    Let your bathroom choices reflect your personality and let us assit you in your renovation or new build project. Avoid the pitfalls that could make your bathroom project a difficult and daunting task, let us help.