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Bathroom Fixtures

Bathrooms usually consist of lavatory or hand sink, a toilet, and a tub/shower unit.

Sinks and Countertops

Bathroom sinks are available in many styles, sizes and colours. The main types of bathroom sinks are vitreous china, porcelain over cast iron or steel, marbleized bowls or counter units, concrete and solid composites. The vitreous china sinks are inherently acid resistant and considered as an excellent material with good resistance to chipping. The porcelain sinks are the least expensive sinks you can purchase, they are also less durable and more susceptible to chipping than other sinks. The marbleized bowl and counter units are referred to as synthetic marble they come in various colors and finishes, they are easy to clean and can be moulded into beautiful pattern bowls, however, the finished layers of the marbleized surfaces are very thin and a heavy scratch can penetrate the coating.

Solid composite sinks and counters are made with the colour, usually a bone white all the way through the material. If scratched, there is no color change and the mark can be easily removed, it is one of the best materials for bathroom counters and sinks but it is also one of the most expensive.

Sinks and countertops made of concrete are custom formed, stained and sealed and can be constructed right on the site by the professional.
Bathroom sinks are available in many styles:

Wall hung lavs - do not require floor support or pedestal so it provides more space and it is easy for cleaning.

Lavs supported by cabinets or pedestals, some of them are supported by metal legs.
Lavs built into tile surfaced counters.
Lavs recessed into countertops of plastic laminate.
It is important that the bathroom sink will be large enough for comfortable use, In master bedrooms you should consider a double sink installation. Every sink needs to have a backsplash along the back of the wall it is mounted against to protect the wall from splashing water, it should also have an overflow prevention catch hole that drains water after it reaches a specific upper grade in the sink.


Toilets or water closets come in various grades from low cost models to luxurious units, they also come in water saving designs that operate with less water than standard models. The material that most toilets are made of is vitreous china. When choosing toilets the most important point that need to be considered are: Sanitary self cleaning action, quietness of the flushing action, and the size of the free flow water passage.

Bath Tub and Shower Unit

The bath tub/shower unit comes in many sizes. The standard widths are between 2.5 to 4 feet, and length of 4 to 6 feet. Typical tub depth is between 12 to 16 inches above the tub's floor surface, and an average shower stole size is 36 inches square. There several types of bath tubs and showers:

The most common types of bath tubs and showers are made of fibreglass, they come either as a single molded piece complete with walls, or with separate walls that are assembled around the tub. They are easier to clean, have an excellent resistance to mildew. Warm to touch, very attractive and come in numerous colors. However, they flex under the weight of a medium body and tend to be noisy.

Cast iron or steel bath tubs finished in regular enamel come most of the time in white color, they are exceptionally sturdy, much quieter than fibreglass and the adjoining walls can be finished off in any way that you choose, however, they chip very easily and after a period of time they tend to show water stains.

Ceramic tile bath tubs and showers are tubs and showers built in place with walls and floors of ceramic tile. the most permanent installation is the ceramic tile applied with cement. But tile applied with mastic glue is highly depended on well maintained caulking. The ceramic tile bath tub and showers are unique and colourful, and they offer unlimited patterns, designs, sizes and shapes, however they are very expensive, the tile installation must be often excellent craftsmanship otherwise the tiles will eventually loosen and the tile will leak.

Whirlpool bath tubs that were once found only in exclusive homes are now available for most budgets. Whirlpools are available in a huge variety of attractive materials and colors. They provide relaxing comfort and usually improve the market value of a house as well as the sales potential. Very important features to select from are the tub material, the number  power and control of water jets, and the shape and size of the tub.

Bathroom faucets come in many styles, from hi-tech to old fashioned constructed with many different materials, the quality faucets will come aerators. An aerators is another device that can help save energy within your water supply, they add air to the spray to lower the flow, high efficiency aerators can reduce water flow from between 2-4 gallons per minute to less than one gallon per minute. Good faucets are constructed from solid brass innards having tough coatings of chrome, nickel, brushed or polished brass or other durable materials. Lesser quality faucets are usually made of light-weight zinc or aluminum castings that will tarnish quickly, drip, and look dreadful within a short period of time. When the faucets are installed, it is important to check if the cold water is on the right hand side of each fixture.

Shower Nuzzles
An efficient shower head is a component that will help save energy and water costs, the flow restrictors with a shut off valve and temperature controls will determine the level of the efficiency. A combination tub/shower should come with an automatic diverter which diverts the water back to the tub faucets after someone has taken a shower.