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Electricity is a necessity in every house today. Over time, a house requires ongoing maintenance including ensuring that both wiring and fixtures are up to standard. Many houses including new structures have 200 amp electrical service. Many older homes with 100 amp services are converting to 200 amp service which better suits the consumers needs of today's electrical devices.

There are several kinds of electrical services and the choice should be matched to the consumer. Choosing the right lighting fixtures and installing sufficient number of outlets will make your house look better and help you carry out your daily tasks more efficiently and conveniently.

Our Service

We offer a complete one stop construction service for your electrical project. From planning to a fully functional electrical system.
Your project will be completed on time, budget and to your full satisfaction.

Some of the popular electrical services we offer:

  • Upgrade of electrical box
  • Re-wire of electrical systems
  • Construct new wiring
  • Upgrade outlets and switches
  • Install new light fixtures
  • And more
  • Let us assist you in your renovation or new build project.