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Lighting Uses

Many house consumers use a combination of different types of lighting including the type of fixtures, wattage and light intensity which varies according to their needs.

General or background lighting: A low level of illumination suitable for general living activities, it can be provided by ceiling or wall fixtures, either by a direct low level of light, or by a high level of light bounced from the wall or ceiling and spread across the room.

Local or task lighting: These are meant to light up a certain specific area such as, reading, typing on a computer, billiards etc. can be floor, desk or table lamp or a ceiling recessed light.

Accent or decorative lighting: usually comes from fixtures that are designed to emphasize a certain object or section of the room. It can use spotlights, floodlights, and any other kind of decorative lamps.

Dimmer lights: in addition to an on/off switch, these lights will have an intensity slide that will enable you to control the light level. Lower lights can save you money, and it will be ideal for a room that needs high light level and sometimes low levels, such as a living room when having guests, and when watching a movie.

Under cabinet lights: the kitchen as an ideal place for under cabinet lights, they will make the counter brighter and safer for work. They can be installed with swivelling heads to allow aiming the light exactly where it is wanted.

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