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Electric Lighting

There are two basic types of electrical lighting used in residential homes, incandescent and fluorescent, they are outlined as follows:

Incandescent-Filament Lamps

An incandescent filament lamp will produce light when its filament (usually Tungsten) is heated by an electric current to a regulated temperature. These lights have a warm colour, and contribute to a friendly, home like feeling to the interiors, they will bring out colors such as orange, red, and browns, and will subdue cool colors such as blue and green.

Most incandescent-filament lamp fixtures have the same size base of lamps, which enables you to increase or decrease the amount of light in a certain spot simply by replacing the lamp with one that has different wattage. They cost less than fluorescent lights.

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps are usually long and tubular in their shape; they are coated on the inside with phosphors, a substance that gives off light when it is subjected to ulraviolet radiation generated by a low pressure electric charge. The low pressure electric charge is regulated by the starter that forces the charge inside a mercury vapour inside the bulb.

Fluorescent lamps offer greater efficiency, as they can give up to four times much light per watt of electricity compared to incandescent lamps, they will also last 7-10 times longer. They are considered ideal for work areas, where light coming from several angels is needed. Most fluorescent lights produce a humming sound.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps have the same base as an incandescent lamp, they are small in size, often spiral, and still four times more efficient, and last 6-10 times more than an incandescent lamp, making them ideal for places where it is hard to reach and replace the bulb. They usually cannot be dimmed, pay attention to that when you choose your lighting.

Sunlight Tubes

Sunlight tubes are tunnels that run from the roof into an interior room, they are reflective on their insides, and use the sunlight to bring natural light into interior rooms that may not have a window. They are ideal to be used in a room that requires almost constant light, such as a bathroom or kitchen, the sunlight tubes can supply natural light into these rooms during daytime and save you money on electricity you would otherwise use to light up these rooms.

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