Roof Installation

As a part of a renovation project a new roof may be required, and will be required on a new build. We can work with you to ensure that each aspect of the construction is completed on time, on budget and with customer satisfaction.

A critical issue determining the quality of the completed new roof is the way its installation was done. We can assist you in avoiding the pitfalls that can occur during the installation of a new roof.

Installers should ensure that your roof has an underlay which is flexible and waterproof in order to protect the roof deck from leakage. Installation should employ the use of nails and not staples which are cheaper. Roofing felt should be installed with a minimum of a 6 inch vertical overlap. A 3 inch galvanized metal drip edge eave should be installed at least 10 inches on center, the underlayment should go beneath this drip edge.

Asphalt and fibreglass shingles should be installed when the temperature is at least 50 degrees, as it may crack when installed in colder temperature. When using wood shakes or shingles, make sure you watch the exact manufacturer's installation instructions. As well, ensure that all additional work on chimney, skylights, etc are completed prior to installing the finish roofing surface. As well, ensure that all materials used meet or exceed the local building code.

Let us assist you in your renovation or new build project.