Sleeping and Dressing Space

During the planning phase of a renovation, consideration should be given to additional usable space in bedrooms, in order to accomidate both beds as well as a small desk, a dresser, and other close storage areas. Children should have a bedroom that has suitable space for doing homework and should be able to accommodate a desk, computer, and printer. Enough room for dressing and personal care is also a necessity. Closet space is very important to any bedroom, with no closets, an organized closed storage becomes impossible.

It is wise to plan generous closets that make the most of their space. This kind of closets come in many designs that include space for dresses, rain coats, long garments, and shelf arrangement for shorter garments. A master bedroom suite offers the utmost in convenience and privacy, the closet should be spacious. Two separate closets, hers and his, are ideal. A closet should have a minimum depth of 24 inches.

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