Flooring Materials Options ii)

Plastic laminates resemble wood floors. The plastic laminate adhered to a fiberboard or particleboard gives it the look of natural material. It would be more economic then wood, and will have the ease of maintenance of vinyl.

Pros: Spilled liquids will not cause the extent of damage they would on a real wood floor. The floor will be safe from staining or fading for at least 10 years. Very durable and capable of handling high volume of traffic. Easy maintenance for sweeping and mopping. Economic compared to real wood.

Cons: Spilled water that seep into the cracks may cause the laminated layers to break up. When the floor wears out, it will need to be replaced in whole, and not just fixed. More prone to chipping and the surface will not be a smooth and s as real wood.


Natural materials, usually granite, marble or slate.

Pros: Very tough and durable material. May be used on a under-floor heating system.

Cons: May not be uncomfortable and cold to stand on. Material should be sealed periodically to prevent stains. Might be slippery (marble) and dangerous to fall on. Grouts between tiles may accumulate dirt and stains. Recommended to keep a few extra stones on hand, as the stone may get chipped and require replacement. Color and pattern may differ if they come from different lots.


The most common kitchen flooring material. Comes in sheet or tiles. Exists in all kinds of colors and patterns. There are two types of vinyl - inlaid and standard. In inlaid vinyl, the pattern goes all the way through the material. While in standard vinyl, the pattern layer is placed under a clear thick upper surface. The inlaid vinyl is considered to be the more durable of the two.

Pros: Water can not damage the color of the floor. Unlimited options of colors and patterns. Low maintenance, only sweeping and mopping required. Stains and scuffs resistible

Cons: Requires quick cleaning of spills to avoid stains. Floor is stain resistant but not stains proof. When using the tile form or sheet, if not installed correctly, the vinyl may peel. Floor might be dented from sharp objects, such as knifes or even heels.

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