Types of Primer

Using the right primer will increase the quality and durability of your paint job. Your house paint can last 10 years or longer with the right choice and use of a top quality primer. There are many types of paint primers which serve a variety of functions, some primers are made for application on specific surfaces.

Three Basic Primers

  • Alkyd - Oil base
  • Acrylic - Latex
  • Tinted Shellac
  • Each type has its own set of uses. This depends on the surface condition and environment. Another consideration is the type of material to be painted and whether you need an exterior primer or an interior primer. A good definition of primer is that it forms the foundation of the entire paint job.

  • By having the ability to adhere to the intended substrate.
  • Produce a uniform surface.
  • Seal pours, allowing an even sheen and appearance of the finish coat.
  • Enhance the hiding ability of the finish coat. Especially important with dark or vibrant colors. With these "designer colors" a tinted primer is necessary to achieve their true beauty.
  • Neutralizes a substrates PH, as with unpainted plaster, drywall and masonry. These surfaces can have a PH of 12 or more. A high PH can adversely affect the adhesion and longevity of many types of house paints.
  • For lasting results, proper interior and exterior surface preparation combined with the right primer will build an effective barrier against stains and moister plus promote full adhesion of the house paint. With all that a quality primer can do, it is easy to understand the importance of choosing the right product for your painting needs.

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