Insulation Types

Insulating materials used today are given an insulating value, the effectiveness of these materials varies widely. For example, a one inch thick blanket of fiberglass insulation, has the same insulation value as approximately a 22-inch thick wall of common brick, or a 4 1/2 feet layer of stone. The types of insulation used in modern homes that are the most popular are blankets and batts of fibreglass, and rock-wool, fibreglass board, rigid foam boards etc.

Fibreglass and Rock-Wool Blankets and Batts

The majority of all home insulation is fibreglass and rock-wool blankets and batts. They are made of fibres that are compressed in a roll form like a blanket or in short rolls (batts). Blankets and batts come in many thicknesses and widths, and with or without vapour barrier material on one side. Another form fibreglass and rock wool have is shredded, or blown by machine to its place. When these materials come into direct contact with your skin they can cause irritation. Even though loose insulation (blown by machine) is cheaper to purchase and install, it will lose some of its insulating value. Fibreglass and rock wool insulation have excellent insulation values and are among the most economical types to purchase.

Rigid Boards

Rigid foam is used for basement walls, exterior walls, concrete slabs etc. rigid boards are manufactured in a variety of materials such as, polystyrene rigid boards, fibreglass boards, and rigid foam boards.

Loose insulation can be blown into walls and other areas, the most popular efficient and inexpensive loose insulation is the fibreglass and rock wool.

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