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Septic Tanks

A septic system is usually includes an underground tank, a distribution line and a soil absorption drainage field. Wastewater travels from the home through an underground pipe connected to the septic tank. The flow of incoming wastewater is slowed through baffles in the tank in order to prevent sewage from flowing directly through the tank. The process encourages heavier solids to settle to the bottom and accumulate as sludge.

Septic tank systems are a natural sewage treatment and disposal system which are biological systems which promote the use of bacteria to essentially digest the wastewater whereby cleaning it of bad bacteria and turning waste into liquids and gases.

A septic tank is a watertight type chamber which is used to condition the wastewater in order to reduce clogging materials in order allow that they may be absorbed into the soil. A septic tank promotes the separation of settable and floatable solids and the growth of anaerobic bacteria which is necessary to encourage the decomposition of solid waste and provides storage the by products of sludge and scum.

Building Code

Septic systems in Ontario are regulated by the Ontario Building Code.

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