Electricity and Water


We know that building a garden structure or home renovation is about creating the lifestyle you want. From custom decks, fences and patios to screened porches and pergolas, Aureus Contracting provides complete garden structure, remodelling and home improvement solutions to homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto area.

A complete functional landscape requires electrical service and plumbing lines. Plumbing service will usually include at least one hose for basic watering; a more complete-featured landscape may include an underground sprinkler system, and outdoor sink or a shower. Electrical service can range from a simple exterior outlet to multiple electrical circles supplying power to lighting systems and other accessories. Expanding landscapes wiring and plumbing service can create a beautiful, fully functional yard.

Installing an Outdoor Electrical Circuit

outdoor electrical circuits installation are much the same as indoor wiring installation. However, because outdoor wiring is exposed it requires the use of special weather-proof materials including underground feeder cable, rigid metal, plastic conduit, and weather proof electrical boxes and fittings. In most cases, adding a new 15-amp, 120 volt circuit is usually enough. But, if your circuit will include more than 3 light fixtures or 4 receptacles, it is better to install 20-amp 120 volt circuit. It is essential for an outdoor circuit that cables run underground, in order to save time and minimize lawn damage, plan circuit routes and make your trenches as narrow as possible. It is important to use cast aluminum or PVC boxes for outdoor fixtures, and install approved conduit to protect the exposed cables.


Installing Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting system don't require any expertise with electrical work. The main system is simple, a transformer that you plug into an outlet that carries 12 Volt current through cables to individual fixtures. Transformers come in many sizes from 40 watts to 900 watts, to fit lighting systems of different sizes. Marking locations of receptacles and lights on a sketch of your yard is recommended. Make sure, the transformer is rated at least 25 Watts more  than the total wattage of the light it will power.

Installing an In-Ground Sprinkler System

The purpose of sprinkler systems is to offer a carefree means of keeping your lawn and garden green for large areas it is recommended to design a sprinkler system with several zones, each service by a separate feeder pipe. Water is carried to these zones at a manifold connected to the main supply line. Many types of timers are available for automating any irrigation system, the most expensive and advanced models can control as many as 16 different zones, and may have rain sensors that prevents the system from operating if it is raining.

Installing a Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems precisely direct water exactly where it is needed, therefore it wastes very little water. A typical water efficient drip irrigation system consists of 1/2 inch plastic pipe the carries water from a hose spigot to trees, shrubs, and garden beds.

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