Building Terraces

We know that building a garden structure or home renovation is about creating the lifestyle you want. From custom decks, fences and patios to screened porches and pergolas, Aureus Contracting provides complete garden structure, remodelling and home improvement solutions to homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto area.

The ideal solution for hilly areas that prone to soil erosion is building a terrace with one or more retaining walls. The new retaining walls create flat plantable areas. Some of the most popular materials that are used for retaining walls are pressure treated timber, cut stones, and interlocking blocks. A retaining wall can be damaged if water saturates the soil behind it. It is important to install the proper drainage features the ensure durability.



Retaining walls made from natural cut stone give a traditional look to a landscape. Usually these walls are laid out without mortar. Timber walls can have a 15-20 years life span if built correctly. There are many styles of interlocking blocks available at building centers. Interlocking blocks do not need mortar, they are usually held together with a system of overlapping flanges.

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