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Types of Fences

Today there are many different types and styles of fences to choose from, many serve different purposes. In order to decide on the style of fence for your home, you need to identify the purpose for installing a fence, this could be for reasons of privacy, security or to ensure the safety of children. What ever fence suits your needs, let us assist you in completing the project. An overview of fence types follows.

Wood Panel Fences
This type of fence uses fence panel which are pre-made which reduces the installation time. Fence panels are available in many styles and the stringers and siding are usually constructed from thinner wood usually in 6 to 8 foot lengths. This type of fence is better suited for flat yards. Typically wood panel fences are made from pressure treated wood or cedar.

Vinyl and Composite Fences
Vinyl and composite fences are stylish, long lasting, are available in a variety of colours and require very little maintenance. Vinyl fences are manufactured from a PVC material which is also used in waste drain pipes and vinyl house siding. Composite materials are manufactured from wood fibers, providing strength together with plastic resins which are rot resistant. The manufacturers of these products claim that they will outlast wood products and are less expensive as they do not require maintenance or replacement.

Picket Fences
There are many new designs and styles of this classic North American fence. Picket fences can be painted or stained to match your house trim, or other creative colour, traditionally picket fences were painted white which still remains popular today.

Ornamental Metal
Ornamental metal fences are installed for their stylish look and in some cases employed to lessen the appearance of a fence while providing ornamental metal designs. Ornamental fences are available in many styles, colors and sizes. These fences follow some of the elegant but heavier wrought iron designs of the past. New ornamental fences are made of aluminum and galvanized steel and coated with rust preventative powder coat finish
Chain Link Fence 
The chain linked fence provides substantial security with a minimum of privacy and are strong, durable, and economical. Chain linked fences are quick to install, reasonably priced and requires a minimum of maintenance. They are used to provide security of an area, or keep pets and children safe and prevent them from wondering off from a secure area.

Brick and Fence
Brick and cedar fencing is a durable and attractive structure. Brick is used to make pillars, replacing the posts used in wooden fences. Fencing is made of wood or vinyl siding. Brick pillars are typically 72-inches high and will require the construction of a foundation.

Stone and Rail Fence
Stone and rail fence is constructed in a similar manner as the brick and fence, however, stone replaces brick and siding is replace with simple 2 by 4 rails. This type of fence will also require a foundation.

Post and Rail Fence
Post and rail construction has a rustic appearance. They are used to cover large areas, use little lumber, and are available in a range of styles.

Board and Stringer Fence
The board and stringer fences are constructed from a simple frame with at least two rails called stringers that run in parallel to the ground, forming a frame, it is a high-quality, well built wood fence and can be used in a contoured yard setting.

What ever fence suits your needs, let us assist you in completing the project.