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Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt driveways are durable, can look attractive and are generally less expensive than concrete and bricks versions and are better than driveways made of gravel. Asphalt driveways require re-sealing on a periodic basis to prevent deterioration, and can outlast a concrete driveway if properly maintenance. During periods of hot temperatures, asphalt can become soft and can be pressed out of shape by heavy vehicles or objects.

Concrete Driveways

A driveway made of concrete is the best, most stable and problem free driveway you can have. It can be poured in any configuration that you chose and its durable and strong. Also, it will match concrete sidewalks, steps, and patios nicely.

Driveway Location and Design

You need to determine your driveway usage and decide on what dimensions best suite your needs. It is very important that the driveway will be wide enough for a single car which requires a minimum of 11-feet wide, or a double car driveway which should be at least 22-feet wide and an entrance at the street of 28-feet. The length of the driveway will be determined by the setback of your house from the street and by the shape of your driveway's approach: straight, curved or half circled. Garages that are located on the side of the house, are best served by a wide driveway that extends beyond the garage entrance to provide turn around and parking space to the rear. A driveway that forces you to back-out on to a blind curve or hill is far too dangerous. It is necessary that the driveway will not be too steep to negotiate safely, also, make sure that the driveway does not slope down into a garage.

Driveway Construction

Constructing a driveway is a two stage process, first the ground must be excavated, lined with a base layer of crushed stone, and lastly a durable layer of either concrete or asphalt. Proper drainage is critical, and the driveway must slope away from the garage toward the street about 2-3 inches downhill for every ten linear feet of driveway. Other concerns are that concrete should have steel rod or wire mesh running through it to give it more strength with a groove cut into the concrete every 11 feet to allow it to react to temperature changes and other stressful conditions. It is essential that freshly poured concrete driveways to be allowed to cure and apply a good concrete sealer before using the driveway. Asphalt is applied in two layers over the stone base, the lower layer is laid down as binder and a top layer as a finish layer.

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