Decorative Painting

There are many ways to achieve an elegant look beyond the use of solid colours on both walls and ceilings. This can be achieved by using decorative painting. There are many options and effects to select from which can produce a unique style. Often called faux painting, the effect of these techniques can range from subtle to bold and can transform any room into a dramatic focal point or enhance decorative elements you already have.

At one point, decorative painting was mostly performed by professionals, now anyone can be creative.

We can assist you in your decorating ideas as well as in your new build or renovation project.

Sponge Painting

This technique is one of the simplest finishes to work with and produces a variable texture depending on the colours used with many natural effects similar to stone. To achieve this effect, a sponge is used in the application.

Cloth Distressing and Rag Rolling

This finish produces a distressed type look that is ideal for hiding imperfections in many wall and ceiling surfaces. It is a popular faux painting technique and by changing the colours and type of cloth, its look can change.


Produces an elegant aged look that adds dimension with fine textures and subtle depth. However, the technique typically requires two people to produce the desired effect whereby one person applies the glaze while the other person follows with a stippling brush to finish.

Stone Paint

Stone type paint applies easily and can produce several different effects. There are a number of colours available and the final result has a look and feel of stone.

Metal Paint

Metal paint is something different and can transform the ordinary into something special, producing a subtle or bold accent on many surfaces such as a ceilings or crown moulding. There are many colours to choose from, providing many decorative possibilities.

New or Bold

Faux painting can add that missing something to an otherwise dreary room. Plus all of these decorative painting techniques can be painted over to give you a fresh canvas, just in case you don't like the look. The key to success with any faux painting is knowledge and experience.

Let us assist you in your painting project, renovation or new build project.