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Plumbing is a necessity in every house. When planning your restoration or new build project, plumbing should be well thought out in order to suit your lifestyle, accomidate for new fixtures and budget. The location of a kitchen, bathroom(s) and laundry room must be considered carefully.

By example, the further the distance between various plumbing fixtures could cost more to install and may result in the consumption of more energy. Additionally, we recommend that you use only quality materials which should last longer and not cost more money.

Water Source

Plumbing is a necessity and is strictly regulated by national and local codes.  Water sources can be supplied by Cities providing constant water pressure.   Or in rural areas from wells where water pressure may fluxuate which may have some interruption of service over time.

Our Service

We offer a complete one stop construction service for all your renovation project needs including plumbing.

Let us assist you in your renovation or new build project.