Legal Apartments 

Transform Your Basement or Upper Floor Into A Legal Apartment

Professionally Completed in Compliance to All Regulatory Codes.

Converting your basement or upper floor into a Legal Apartment or a “Legal Accessory Apartment” is a smart strategy to increase your household earnings, increase the property’s number of rooms as well as the property value.   Legal Apartments can return its investment in a few short years.

Legal Apartments can be located in the basement or an upper floor, however most properties are limited to two residential dwelling units.

Homeowners look for suitable apartment ideas, layouts and finishes to obtain the best return on their rental investment.  We are experienced in assisting the home owner in achieving this goal.

Paramount importance before commencing such a project is to establish a realistic budget, one that addresses the specific requirements necessary to complete such a project.  Identifying your needs influence this budget including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.  You should engage the help of a professional who can assist you through the process.

Constructing a Legal Apartment must follow specific Provincial and Municipal Regulations to ensure the apartment is safe for your tenants.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you transform your basement into a Legal Apartment, in accordance with Building Codes, Fire Codes and Electricity Safety Authority Regulations.

An Illegal Apartment, or Basement Apartment are a risk to both tenants and all other persons, including property owners living at the property.  Risks include injury or death by fire, gas or other dangers that could occur when safety considerations built into the above codes are not respected or met.  Additionally illegal apartment owners could face substantial fines, cancelation of property insurance, etc.

We are experienced in assisting the home owner in transforming their space into a professional looking “Legal Accessory Apartment".

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