Basement and Home Office Renovation 

Convert a space used for a furnace and laundry room into a usable space such as a family room, home office or an additional bathroom that can be used for a growing family or for guests. Let us remodel your basement! We believe that quality and customer satisfaction are important aspects of a basement renovation, we pay close attention to both. Our staff will educate you and thoroughly explain the options of your project.

Renovated basement space will typically require electricity and plumbing, therefore the options for utilizing basement space is limited only by the imagination. The basement can be partitioned off into different rooms or it can be one huge open space, converting existing raw space into usable space for the entire family to enjoy including:

  • Home theatre
  • Game room and pool table area
  • Home office
  • Bar
  • Children play area
  • Exercise room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Storage area
  • A basement renovation or finishing utilizes raw space which has already been partly constructed, and converts it into lower cost additional living space as compared to other type renovations, frequently outside construction is not required. The amount of square footage in a basement is generally equivalent to that on the ground floor. A basement as raw space already has a concrete block or poured concrete foundation, a concrete floor and a drainage system and is either fully or partially below ground level.

    Why Renovate your Basement?

    Everyone has a different reason for wanting to renovate their basement but the process requires careful planning and management, or it can be a problem. You should have a plan and budget and stick to it, the results can be rewarding.

    There are some issues to consider before proceeding with a basement renovation project as follows:

    Identification and remediation of low ceilings, an enclosed furnace room, and ductwork. Mositure can also be an issue as it could potentially cause damage, perimeter drains may be required; in addition the exterior and interior concrete walls of the basement may need to be sealed.

    Determine a layout for the space. Start by determining the lifestyle or activities that will take place in the space, view example pictures and what others have done. Consider when planning the layout that a basement typically has little or no natural light.

    If a bathroom or wet bar is to be installed, then plumbing will need to be carefully considered. A pump up waste water system may be required which would result in removing a portion of the existing concrete floor for drain lines.

    Lighting is another important aspect of finishing a basement. It is recommended to take advantage of natural light which should be a consideration when installing windows. Ceiling lights should also be included in the finished basement plans, the more the better. Finally, workspace lighting should be added where necessary and each set of workspace lighting should be controlled separately.

    Ceiling height is a concern when finishing basements. Frequently homeowners elect to go with dropped ceilings; however dropped ceilings can significantly reduce ceiling height if not carefully planned. A drywall ceiling can preserve more ceiling height and give a better finished look to the basement, however careful planning needs to be made for access points to valves and to kitchen and bathroom plumbing traps.

    If installing a home theatre, consider that several different types of wire must be installed including electrical wiring, speaker wire, cable wire, and Cat-5 wiring.

    With a well thought out basement remodelling plan a finished basement can be major plus to your home, both in personal utilization and resale value. Addressing up front key items such as basement water and moisture issues, as well as lighting and ceiling heights concerns, can help to ensure you get the finished basement you have been dreaming about.

    Success in any job is our main priority. Sitting down with our clients and taking the time to understand their vision is the most important aspect of the job. We understand that there will be changes and alterations with any job and your ideas and visions may change. We will work with you and if changing certain aspects of the job is required, we will explain all your options and work with you, our client.

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