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Pipe Insulation

Household plumbing is related to energy consumption which is of great current concern. Plumbing distributes both hot and cold water throughout a house and as the water passes through the pipes there is a energy transfer or loss throughout the length of pipe. As well, pipes that are installed close to exterior walls could freeze in the winter and should be protected. We recommend that your plumbing system be insulated to prevent from freezing or to prevent the heat or cold temperature loss. Insulation can be installed using a heavy duty fibreglass or polyethylene foam tubes. The insulation seams should be sealed with insulating tape.

Insulating your plumbing pipes will help prevent hot water heat loss or cold water warming from absorbing heat as it passes through the pipe or while sitting in the line. Using pipe insulation results in using a smaller volume of water to reach the desired cold or hot temperature at a faucet.

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