An important part of exterior painting and maintenance is sealing gaps and cracks. Interior applications for caulk include sealing and adding a decorative finish to painted woodwork and surfaces.

There is a caulk for every type of surface, however, use a high performance caulk. Modern sealants have incredible elongation characteristics, they are resistant to temperature extremes and harsh weather, and they last for years.

The use of sealants will save you money, in the summer the hot air can get into your home. In the winter the warmed air can leave your home. Leaks throughout the house, including windows, doors, gaps in walls, etc will cause your air conditioner or furnace to work harder and more often, putting extra load on these appliances, adding wear and tear and premature failure of expensive equipment.

Gaps and cracks allow water to get into a structure which will cause damage to walls and ceiling, peeling the paint, cracking plaster, causing mold and insects can enter the walls through the same cracks. This must be prevented, the use of caulking assists in this goal.