Windows Frames

Types of window frames which are mainly offered in the marketplace:

Wood Frames

This type is considered the most attractive window frames available today. It can be stained varnished or painted to match color scheme of the house. Wood frames are high maintenance.

Metal Frames

This type of frame has been used for many years and is currently available in various colors and natural finishes, may react badly to sea-air and can easily corrode if not protected by factory applied finishes. They are less expensive than wood frames.

Vinyl Frames

Popular window frame and an excellent choice for most home owners. Vinyl frames are a maintenance free window frame, which does not conduct heat very well and is therefore considered a good thermal insulator.

There are insulated and standard vinyl frames, where as the insulated vinyl has improved thermal insulation quality. Vinyl comes in different wood grain finishes and does not require painting or finishing.

Fibreglass Frames

Expensive option, they don't need to be painted or caulked often, and they have high insulation values.

Fibreglass changes and expands almost the same as window glass in extreme temperature changes. They are very favourable in rough weather locations. It is stronger than vinyl.

Composite Frames

Made from composite material they are considered durable with more colour options than other options. 

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