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Where to Insulate

Your home will be more comfortable if it is well insulated. There are primary areas that should be noticed.

Basements - It is not recommended to install insulation against a wet or damp wall.  Such walls should be damp proofed where possible. Generally, blanket insulation encased in poly membrane, rock wool or rigid sheets of polystyrene foam are the most efficient.

Floors - You can save on heating costs by applying insulation to your floors such as sub floors. Insulate with blanket, batt fibreglass or rock wool insulation the floors between a first and second story for excellent sound proofing.

Walls - It is significant to insulate sides, tops and bottoms of windows and doors.

Attics - Most of the heat loss occurs through the attic, and that is why, by installing sufficient attic insulation, you can reduce your gas bill considerably.

Ducts and Plumbing - You can reduce the annual heating cost by insulating heating and cooling ducts, pipes, etc. When heating ducts run through unheated parts of a house they can waste as much heat as they deliver.

Let us assist you in installing insulation either as part of a renovation or replacement or as a new build.