Insulation, due to the properties of the insulating materials, must be installed inside a structure and against any barrier located between a cooled space and an uncooled space. Insulation must be installed within all exterior walls, under roofs or in attics, and beneath floors exposed to the outside.


An R-value stands for the ability of a material to resist the passage of heat. The greater R-Value, the better is its insulation value, and the material's resistance to the passage of heat or coolness. 

A fibreglass batt 4-inches thick, has an estimated R-Value of 11, the same material in batts 10-inches thick, will have an R-Value of about 30. In a house the greatest potential heat loss will come from the roof, and the least from the floors. Therefore, there are different R-Values that are recommended for different areas in the house, walls, attics, basements.

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