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Lighting Terms

For your information the following are a few lighting terms that you may want to know:

Semi-direct: light is aimed 60%-85% downward.

Semi-indirect: light is aimed 60%-85% upward.

Recessed: fixtures affixed flush to a ceiling, wall, or other surface.

Valance: light source shielded by a panel attached parallel to a wall.

Indirect: over 85% of the light is aimed upward at the ceiling.

Direct: over 86% of the light is aimed downward at the floor.

Accent: directional light to emphasize an object or area.

Track: one electrical outlet supplying a number if separate fittings that can be positioned anywhere along the length of a track.

General diffuse: almost equal amount of light to all directions.

Cove: light sources shielded by a ledge and casting light over ceiling and upper wall.

Wall washers: installed 3 feet away from a wall, and will light up the wall evenly from top to bottom.

Downlights: round or square metal canisters that can be recessed into a ceiling, semi-recessed, or ceiling mounted. Can be spotlight, floodlight or ordinary bulb.

Uplights: fixtures put on the floor behind plants, sofas, or in corner where they will provide a beautiful dramatic accent.