Ventilation Ducts

Today's heating and cooling systems include forced air ventilation systems which require the use of ducting. Ducts are considered the major delivery transportation for heated and cool air inside a home. There are two kinds of materials which are used to manufacture duct work, galvanized sheet metal and fibreglass. Insulating the outside of the duct with two inch thick fire resistant fibreglass will reduce noise vibration, control moisture condensation, and will keep thermal support to the air travelling to its detonation.

When sheet metal ducts are manufactured or installed, the seams, joints, and corners, must be designed and manufactured well with tightly fitted joints in order to create an good seal. As ducting can collectively take up considerable space, consideration must be given in planning the location of ducts and there outlets. Renovations and new builds require a proper heat drawing and BTU rating as part of a building permit process.

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