Fixtures and Appliances i)

The kitchen is a hub of activity in most homes, meals are prepared and eaten and people meet. Some of the most useful appliances will be located in this room. These will be usually the most expensive appliances, and more important, the most used. Therefore picking appliances for the kitchen must be something made carefully and wisely, it will be smart to know what you need, what does a certain product give you, and what to watch out for.

Nowadays products are offered in a wide variety of prices and functions, which makes choosing the right one even harder. Usually, appliances and fixtures you purchase for your kitchen will stay with you for years, regardless of how happy you are with the choices you made.

Here are some principals you can follow, and make smarter choices:

Always have the dimensions of your kitchen and cabinets with you. When you buy a refrigerator, you want to make sure it fits where you want it. Take opening doors into consideration, and see that you have sufficient space for everything you want.

When buying appliances, you will be looking for the lowest prices, however ensure what the price covers including delivery, installation and make the best informed decision.

As most appliances are going to be used for years, malfunctions are probable. You should know how long is the warranty given to you, who will be giving you the service, how much will it cost you to extend this warranty, does the warranty include labour, and try to get a general idea of service costs to make the right choice.

Know what your budget is, eliminate any appliances that are far off that budget, and decide how important the certain appliance is to you. You might consider spending more on an upgraded oven and less on a microwave.

Today you can research the internet or any other media for appliances, get professional reviews, and find out about certain problems related to a specific product that the salesmen did not inform you of.

Check the installation requirements of the product you buy, otherwise it may cause issues later.


One of the most used areas will be the sink. It will be wise to invest time and thinking in choosing it. There are several materials available:

Enamelled cast iron: very heavy in weight, making installation somewhat harder, comes coated in color of choice, will stay shining for years.

Stainless steel: most economic and popular choice of all, there are a few kinds of stainless steel available. By example, a 22 gauge stainless steel mirror finish sink will show scratches and be stains, a 19-gauge brushed finish nickel-and-stainless-steel sink will resist dents better, and will show less stains and scratches.

Solid surface material, quartz, vitreous china: some of the more expensive options, china will be easy to clean, but can chip. Solid surface sink can be made in one piece with the countertop. Quartz is very scratch and stain resistant.

Sink can come in several shapes and configurations, single bowl, double bowl, and even triple bowl. There are different shaped as the L shaped sink for corner kitchens with limited countertop space.


Faucets that are available on the market today can do more than just deliver water from one end to another, added functionalities are available, such as, a scraper/spray switch, a pull out flexible faucet, and temperature control to protect children from heated water. The most popular finish is brushed chrome, also available is color coated epoxy, and polished brass.