Tile & Stone Flooring


Tile flooring is available in a large range of colours, styles, finishes and sizes. Ceramic tiles are used to create both standard flooring patterns as well as custom floor designs and mosaics. Ceramic tiles are generally glazed in bright, shiny colors although they are also available in matt of earth textures as well.

Quarry tile is made from a mixture of clay, shale and grit that is baked at high temperatures, this type of tile features earthly tones that are not glazed or shiny, dull surfaces give it a natural authentic look.

Tile is often used in high traffic areas where durability, such as an entrance, foyer and patios, bathrooms kitchens and sunrooms.

Tile flooring has been around for many years and lots of types and grades exist. Some of the tile qualities are water absorption, slip resistance, stain resistance and even frost resistance.


When selecting a natural stone floor in a room, kitchen, bath or foyer there is no doubt that such a floor will be one of a kind.

The weight of the natural stone requires adequate floor reinforcement.