Shaping Your Yard

Building a garden structure or home renovation is about creating the lifestyle you want.

New homes are usually left with yards that are flat, and many stay this way for a long time. Flat landscape can be subject to drainage problems that can create basement water problems or boggy areas, it is also visually unappealing. On the other hand a yard with a steep slope is hard to maintain and is not practical for recreational use.

Building a Berm

A landscape berm is basically a small hill with a slight slope. Whether planted with grass or other plants, a berm will add visual appeal to a flat yard. It can also be used to cover unpleasant views and absorb some noise from nearby traffic. The most attractive kinds of berms have gentle slopes and irregular shapes that accent the surrounding area. Because building a berm involves creating an elevated area, you will need to add soil. Make sure that the soil is capable to support trees and plants.



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